Chris Matthews: Obama Using The Lingo Of The Neocons Staff
Posted: Sep 09, 2014 11:55 AM
CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me go to [Rep.] McDermott. I am very uncomfortable with the phrase homeland. It strikes me as totalitarian. It's a term used by the neocons, they love it. It suggests something strange to me, like who else are we defending except America? Why don't you just say America? Why doesn't he say we're defending against attacks on this country as if we're facing some existential armageddon threat from these people. Do you buy the phrase homeland as a reference to America? I never heard it growing up, never heard it in my adulthood. It's a new word. Why are we using it? Is there some other place we're defending? What are we talking about when we say homeland? it's the lingo -- W.M.D., homeland. It's the language of the neocons. It's a language to get us further into wars... We talked about the ideology involved in it. I do fear that the president, although he is doing maybe what he thinks he has to do, but he's buying into the lingo. Dempsey starts talking like it, then he starts talking like it.