Maddow: Terrorist's English Accent Alarms Security Officials Staff
Posted: Aug 21, 2014 10:53 AM
RACHEL MADDOW: An individual and very specific element of the murder tape that was released yesterday, did become newsworthy today. It's a detail that would not have been dissemanated in a news context before this, but it is now very much part of the news of this incident and of understanding how the international community is going to respond to this, because today, the prime minister of Great Britain, David Cameron rushed back to London in the middle of his vacation and started convening emergency meetings on Iraq and Syria within the British Government, he did that, because intelligence sources in Britain are very worried that the sound of the voice of the man who kills jim foley, they're very worried that the sound of that man's voice specifically, indicates that he is British. That he's from London. The man speaks in english with a distinct London accent.