Eugene Robinson: ISIS Beheaded Journalist Because Obama's Airstrikes Are Working Staff
Posted: Aug 20, 2014 2:10 PM
EUGENE ROBINSON, WASHINGTON POST: He sounded angry and resolute and saddened by what happened to Jim Foley. And just before coming in, I saw a little news note that there have been more than a dozen air strikes in the past 24 hours against ISIL. One wonders if the air strikes might be stepped up a bit and one wonders if they will be targeted in so far as we know who did this, targeted at the people who did this. He sounded really angry. ANDREA MITCHELL: He is an angry commander in chief. He is not backing down. It's clear, though, that they are reluctant to go after the safe haven in Syria because they know that that may well be where other western and American hostages are being held. ROBINSON: But it's also clear that the airstrikes are having an impact on ISIS or they wouldn't be doing this. They wouldn't be doing these dramatic and terroristic acts if they weren't hurting. I think it's had a real impact on them.