New Lean Forward Ad on MSNBC Attacks the Second Amendment: 'Make Change' Staff
Posted: Jul 15, 2014 1:18 PM

The latest MSNBC "lean forward" ad continued to explicitly push for liberal legislation. This time, Now host Alex Wagner pleaded for new gun control laws, rallying, "You can't get people to give up any access to guns. Guns are part of who we are, how we live. Get over it. Get over it. Or don't get over it. Don't get over it." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

She exhorted, "Don't believe it when they say there can be no changes to what we're used to, that there's no compromise that can be lived with." Wagner concluded, "We have a choice as to whether we accept that or whether we see a way to make change." This MSNBC commercial is just the latest example of an ad that could be confused for a Democratic National Committee spot.