New York Times Hires Reporting Intern Who Wrote for Obama Surrogates In 2012 Campaign Staff
Posted: Jun 24, 2014 10:46 AM

Theodore "Teddy" Schleifer is a reporting intern for The New York Times. But he already has a resume as a Democratic staffer going back to high school, including the last Obama-Biden campaign. Paul Farhi of The Washington Post captured the controversy after Schleifer tackled the Mississippi GOP Senate primary.

“The incestuous relationship between the mainstream media and Democratic Party has headed down to Mississippi,” Erick Erickson wrote on “Schiefer [sic] . . . is also quite proud of [an earlier] hit piece on then Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels [written for his college newspaper]. He seems like he’ll be a good liberal reporter. Obama connections and the New York Times tend to go hand in hand these days.”