No Game of Hardball: Time Asks Tim Geithner 'Why Is Everyone So Unhappy' About Growing Economy? Staff
Posted: May 20, 2014 11:33 AM

Time magazine really knows how to throw the hardballs. In its "Ten Questions" feature on the back page of the May 26 edition, Time's Bill Saporito began an interview with Obama's former Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner by asking "The economy is growing. Unemployment is falling. Why is everyone so unhappy?" (On the video, you see Time's editing out the added argument that "banks are solvent.")

Geithner typically referred to the "terrible crisis" of 2008, and how "We're still living with the scars." Saporito also asked about what to do with the disturbing notion that "The rich today have more wealth than Gilded Age robber barons."