Mark Levin: "There's A Lot Of People In This Country Who Don't Deserve Liberty" Staff
Posted: May 16, 2014 9:16 AM
MARK LEVIN: You know folks, when I think of 9/11 -- and then when I think of a couple of weeks ago when it was an enormous honor of mine to be invited by the Wroblewski family to go to Arlington National Cemetery in honor of their son. He passed away a little over ten years ago, killed in Iraq. And I don't tell you this to pat myself on the back. I'm not that way. That's not what this is about. And I looked at row after row after row after row after row, of heroes who have given their lives for this country. And then I look at all the pettiness that goes on. The NBA, where we have multimillionaires threatening to go on strike. Where we have Jeb Bush running around the country, not talking about the vets, law enforcement. Not talking about anything that matters but now he's the cheerleader for and the leader of the illegal immigrant population. When I watched Harry Reid in the Senate, a truly detestable human being. And then when I watched strikes of fast food restaurants and I think to myself, you know what? There's a lot of people in this country who don't deserve liberty. I'm serious about this. They don't appreciate liberty. They don't appreciate this country. They don't appreciate the constitutional construct. They don't appreciate people who today go to one hell hole after another all over the world to protect them and to protect our allies.