Kirsten Powers: Congress Should Submit FOIA Requests Instead Of Asking For Documents Staff
Posted: May 15, 2014 2:31 PM
KIRSTEN POWERS: I think we are at the point now that Congress should just start doing FOIA requests instead of asking for documents to be provided. Right? Because the administration doesn't feel like they have to provide anything or they will redact anything that's actually damning. So, it'ss kind of hard to believe that they couldn't have figured out that D.C. was involved in this. I don't think that in itself implicates the White House. They could have just put all the information out and say this wasn't just a rogue office. Actually D.C. was involved in it and it was wrong and it was bad and we're sorry. The fact that they covered that up and were hiding this when it is so easily knowable it just makes it more suspicious.