Despite Mockery CNN Continues Flight 370 Overcoverage Staff
Posted: May 06, 2014 10:55 AM

“Watching CNN continue to breathe life into this thing is like watching a doctor on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ pounding on a patient's chest until another doctor has to pull him off and say, ‘Derek it’s over!’ That’s what I want to say to Wolf Blitzer. Wolf, it’s over! Time to move on! There will be other ocean disasters. We will always have Atlantis.”

That was Bill Maher joking about CNN's obsession over missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. On Saturday night comedian Joel McHale also mocked CNN's Flight 370 coverage by observing, "This is the 100th year of the White House Correspondents’ Association. Yes, 100 years ago CNN was only searching for the Wright brothers’ plane." The unsmiling reaction from Wolf Blitzer in the audience showed that he was clearly not amused. After all this mockery you would figure that CNN would cut back on its Flight 370 coverage. Well, from analyzing CNN's coverage of Flight 370 in the two days since the White House Correspondents Association Dinner it turns out that their coverage on this topic continues unabated. CNN Newsroom on Sunday must have known about the mockery since they reported on McHale's performance: