MSNBC’s Chris Hayes: ‘Bill O'Reilly Is a Pretty Accomplished Race Baiter Himself’ Staff
Posted: Mar 27, 2014 11:49 AM

MSNBC’s newest primetime host Chris Hayes openly admits to being a liberal activist, proclaiming in ads for his “All In” program that “I’m not just a passive witness. I am not there to just tell you a story.. I’, there to act out: to do it in real time—to do politics, not talk about it.”

Given Hayes’ long history of promoting the liberal MSNBC agenda, it should come as no surprise that he used his Wednesday March 26 program to attack Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly over comments he made to Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI). On his program, Hayes ridiculously claimed that “I would submit that by his very own definition, Bill O'Reilly is a pretty accomplished race baiter himself.” [Video coming soon.]

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