Barnicle Calls Palin a 'Moron' Staff
Posted: Mar 10, 2014 10:30 AM

Here was the Morning Joe panel bemoaning Ted Cruz's supposed lack of civility at CPAC in allegedly insulting war hero Bob Dole, when up pops Mike Barnicle to ask "what does it say about CPAC, where the most popular speaker they had and received the most rousing reception is a moron, Sarah Palin?"

A bit later, Mika Brzezinski piled on, calling Palin a "multi-million dollar moron."  When Joe Scarborough challenged her, saying "you don't think that, right?", Mika didn't retract her slur, saying only that Palin is "savvy in selling a message that makes a lot of money." View the video after the jump.

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