K.T. McFarland: We Should Have Left Afghanistan After We Got Rid Of al-Qaeda In 2001

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Feb 12, 2014 4:57 PM
K.T. MCFARLAND: [Afghan President Hamid Karzai] has been a traitor and betrayed us, and I think the Taliban is not going to buy what he is trying to offer. So, what should we do? Karzai will show up with a plan b: Bags of American gold and try to get on the last helicopter out of Kabul. I don't think we ought to let him on the helicopter. FNC ANCHOR: What is our plan to deal with Karzai? MCFARLAND: I'm not quite sure what the plan is. We had 150,000 troops and we couldn't secure the country, provide security throughout the country. We are not going to do that with a token force of several thousand, and what we are leaving behind is an awful lot of American aid workers and NGOs and schoolteachers and people who work in hospitals. They want to do good deeds. They will not be protected and so I am very concerned that we have sitting ducks that we will leave behind, and I think we're going to end up having to shoot our way out and I don't think we owe Karzai anything. We have given him ten years and a trillion dollars and not even counting the American blood and treasure. If we took the money that we spent in Afghanistan and doled out to every man and woman in Afghanistan, they would have had 25,000 each. That would have bought a lot of goats. FNC ANCHOR: Those numbers are incredible. MCFARLAND: Dazzling.