Latest Obamacare Rewrite: Readers Point Out the Obvious Which Sarah Kliff Avoids Staff
Posted: Feb 11, 2014 9:56 AM

As we have seen, the television networks have avoided the controversy of President Obama unilaterally delaying  another Obamacare provision in the law yet again. Even more absurd is when a newspaper writer whose main task is to cover healthcare also neglects to mention that same elephant in the room. Such was the case with Sarah Kliff of the Washington Post who breezily reported on the details of the latest delay in the employer mandate but does not address the obvious presidential overreach of ignoring the provisions of the statute.

It was left to the readers of the Kliff article to go where Sarah dare not tread. It was another case in which the comments section was way more informative that the article itself. Here is Kliff defining "rewriting" as "relaxing":