Mark Murray must go Staff
Posted: Jan 30, 2014 10:06 AM

The howls of outrage from every corner of the media that would erupt if a top Fox News reporter compared the heroism and sacrifice of a wounded military vet to the annoyances of a cosseted Republican politician that can't get what he wants from congressional Democrats would be deafening.  Remember, this is the same left-wing media that tried to fabricate a negative story about George Bush's service in the National Guard to discredit him when he ran against the greatest super-soldier since Captain America, John Kerry.  

But the outrage against NBC political director Mark Murray revealing himself as an utterly deranged Obama fanboy and claiming the sacrifice of Sgt. Cory Remsburg - who fought his way back from being blown to bits by a roadside bomb - was "also a story about Obama," for whom "nothing has ever come easy," has been muted.  As Ace of Spades notes, this wasn't just a dimwitted Tweet from the swooning Obama cultist; he expounded on the idea at NBC's "First Read" blog.  And former Obama speechwriter Jon Favreau swung into back him up, claiming he had the exact same thought while reading the State of the Union speech.