MSNBC “Christianity Expert,” Frank Schaeffer, Says Christians Who Don’t Support Obama, “Deny Their Faith” & Accuses White Obama Critics People of Engaging in a “Slow Motion Lynching” of the President! Staff
Posted: Dec 17, 2013 10:25 AM
You may have heard of Francis Schaeffer, the Conservative Evangelical Christian theologian who wrote “How Shall We Then Live,” “The Rise and Decline of Western Thought,” and Christian Manifesto.” Francis’ son’s name is Frank and he’s nothing like his dad; in-fact, Frank frequently writes in opposition to his late father’s conservatism and is so popular among the Left that he makes a career out of endorsing Liberal causes and occasionally appears on MSNBC as a “Christianity Expert.” His latest outrageous “religious blog” slaps a “racist” label on anyone and everyone who opposes Barack Hussein Obama and accuses the President’s critics of engaging in “slow motion lynching.”