Report of 60 Year Old Woman Shooting 2 “Knockout Game” Players Seems to be a Hoax Staff
Posted: Nov 22, 2013 2:25 PM
By now you’re probably seen it, the report about the 60 year old woman who supposedly just celebrated her 60th birthday and was attacked by a group of teens playing the “knockout game” on her way home from the store. The story first appeared on the 18th of this month on the site The site appears to be a small news blog with no author names, no citations and very limited specific information on most of its “stories”. The author of the story is listed a “guy” (yes, lowercase). No location, date, or responding law enforcement agencies are listed. All other online sources regarding the incident are either linking back to the above article or just copy and paste the original story. Several other news sites and forums have tried to verify the story, but all have failed. It looks like this one is probably going to turn out to be a hoax.