MSNBC Hosts Sandra Fluke For Abortion Strategy Session Staff
Posted: Nov 21, 2013 1:03 PM
Following two split rulings on abortion this week, one at the ballot box and one by the Supreme Court, the folks at MSNBC have engaged in an all-out assault pushing their pro-abortion agenda across their network. On Wednesday November 20 things weren’t much different as NewsNation host Tamron Hall brought on MSNBC darling and “women’s health advocate” Sandra Fluke for a one-sided discussion on abortion in America. The segment began with host Hall framing the issue as “the Supreme Court ruled it would not intervene to stop Texas’ restrictive abortion law while voters in Albuquerque rejected an abortion ban.” As the segment progressed, Ms. Hall allowed Sandra Fluke unchallenged airtime to push her pro-abortion access agenda:

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