Mother Wins Battle to Stop Graphic Sex-Ed Classes at Middle School Staff
Posted: Nov 21, 2013 10:24 AM
“Safer sex curriculum” is a very inaccurate term for the salacious instructional fare promoted and taught by Planned Parenthood. A simple reading of the instructional materials shows that these programs are all about sexually stimulating even very young students—teaching them, in embarrassing graphic detail, and in mixed gender groups, the fun of sexual foreplay and sexual intercourse while attempting to persuade them to use condoms. One woman is standing up to fight Making Proud Choices!—one of the most graphic sexual foreplay curricula—and making a huge difference by doing so. Mary McLellan is fighting the implementation of this program in Charleston, South Carolina, middle schools and across the state. She coined the astutely descriptive term “sexual foreplay curriculum” after examining the content.