Why Do “Pro-Choice” People Deny the Regret Women Feel After Abortions?

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Nov 19, 2013 3:57 PM
In my many years of writing about women’s issues, I’ve heard countless feminists scoff at the idea that a woman could possibly regret having an abortion. In fact, they usually dismiss post-abortion stress as “anti-choice” propaganda. This strikes me as odd. I always assumed that reactions to individual abortions were as diverse as the women having them. Now, thanks to the blog ClinicQuotes, we have a pro-choicer on the record admitting that they’re the propagandists on this issue: Rosemary Candelario, director of Massachusetts Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, on why pro-choice groups often claim that abortion does not contribute to emotional trauma for women: ‘I think the fear in the [abortion rights] movement is if we admit abortion is hard for some women, then we’re admitting that it’s wrong, which is totally not the case. I’ve heard from women who are having problems dealing with their abortion who are still ardently pro-choice.’
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