Carney: "There Will Always Be" Technical Difficulties With Obamacare Website Staff
Posted: Nov 18, 2013 3:28 PM
QUESTION: On the 80 percent functionality of the website. Is that just the November 30th date or is that something you're outlined as a rough ratio, let's say, for the whole first year of the Affordable Care Act? Is it something that was built into your, sort of, assumptions about the Affordable Care Act and it's usability in the first year, or is it simply a metric that you've come up with since the website did not roll out as effectively as you thought it would? JAY CARNEY: Let me start out by saying that in their regular briefings, CMS and HHS can add more details in responses to these kinds of questions. What I can describe for you is that the eight-out-of-ten, two-out-of-ten structure relates to an expectation of what, broadly speaking, Americans would experience in a world where the website is functioning effectively for the vast majority of users, so that means that there would be still some small percentage, hopefully who are not getting through because they experienced some technical difficulties. And as I discussed last week, the president discussed last week, we will not have a perfect website, there will be, as is the case with all complex websites, individuals who experience some technical difficulty, somewhere and for some reason. The way to measure those, again, goes into those categories of error messages, delayed response times, and stability issues with the site. But there are other -- again, and in that two-out-of-ten pot you have two