Scotland MSP Pushes Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide; Would Target Elderly, Disabled Staff
Posted: Nov 15, 2013 12:53 PM
Margo Macdonald MSP today launched her new assisted suicide bill in Scotland. The Scottish government has said it does not support a change in the law and the British Medical Association (BMA) has in response reiterated its opposition to assisted suicide. The bill comes the day after the launch of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition of Europe (EPCE) in Brussels. The Care Not Killing Alliance, a founding member of EPCE, has today produced a detailed response which is reproduced here. Macdonald’s last bill was overwhelmingly defeated by 85-16. In 2010 MSP Margo MacDonald’s very similar End of Life Assistance Bill was defeated by 85 votes to 16, in a free vote at the Scottish Parliament.

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