Pro-Lifers Do Care for for People After They’re Born, Here’s One Way Staff
Posted: Nov 14, 2013 10:57 AM
“To be pro-life doesn’t necessarily end with a woman’s pregnancy,” says Wendy Davis, the candidate for governor of Texas best known for opposing laws that would prohibit late-term abortion and regulate safety at abortion facilities. I agree, actually. Being pro-life shouldn’t end with a woman’s pregnancy. It does, however, begin there. (More accurately, it begins before then, by preventing unplanned pregnancy.) It feels like pro-lifers are always on the receiving end of charges of hypocrisy. “You care so much about fetuses, but you don’t support Program XYZ that would help impoverished families!” Of course, the charge of hypocrisy works just as well the other way around. It’s disingenuous to claim to stand for disadvantaged members of society, while supporting the right to dismember the most disadvantaged of them all.