New York Times Celebrates Scary 'Self Images of a Cross-Dresser' Staff
Posted: Nov 14, 2013 2:52 PM
The “Thursday Styles” section of The New York Times promoted a new book called “The Book of Dolores,” where novelist William T. Vollmann chronicles his cross-dressing in photographs as “a female alter ego named Dolores, whom he refers to in the third person.” “Dolores is a relatively young woman trapped in this fat, aging male body,” Mr. Vollmann told Stephen Heyman of the Times. “I’ve bought her a bunch of clothes, but she’s not grateful. She would like to get rid of me if she could.” We're told gender is fluid, as every liberal-media outlet must promote: “I had always imagined femininity as what you’re born with, what’s between your legs,” Vollmann said. “And then I realized: no, it’s a performance. It’s about how you move, all the things you do to get ready.”

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