CBS's Major Garrett Grills President on ObamaCare Debacle: Where's the Accountability? Staff
Posted: Nov 14, 2013 1:36 PM
CBS journalist Major Garrett grilled Barack Obama at a White House news conference, Thursday. On the subject of ObamaCare's disastrous rollout, the reporter repeatedly zeroed in on what the President knew and when: "You said after the law was implemented or signed, if like your plan, you can keep it. Americans believed you, sir, when you said that to them over and over." Garrett pushed, "Do you not believe, sir, the American people deserve a deeper, more transparent accountability from you when you said it over and over and when your own statistics, published in the Federal Register, alerted your policy staff, and I presume you, to the fact that millions of Americans would, in fact, probably fall into the very gap you are trying to administratively fix now?" The journalist wasn't done. He offered up two more hard-hitting queries.