John Boehner: Bill Clinton's Right on Obamacare Pledge Staff
Posted: Nov 12, 2013 2:48 PM
House speaker John Boehner says in a statement that he agrees with former president Bill Clinton when it comes to "honoring the committment" President Obama made that if Americans like their health plans they can keep them. Boehner official portrait "I applaud President Clinton for joining the bipartisan call for President Obama to keep his promise to the American people," said Boehner in his statement. These comments signify a growing recognition that Americans were misled when they were promised that they could keep their coverage under President Obama’s health care law. The entire health care law is a train wreck that needs to go. And while the two parties may disagree on that point, it shouldn’t stop reasonable Democrats from working with us to shield Americans from its most egregious consequences – like the millions of current health plans being canceled."

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