Fox Reporter Faces Jail Time for Protecting Sources Staff
Posted: Nov 08, 2013 4:00 PM
In July 2012, Fox reporter Jana Winter reported that James Holmes, the shooter in the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre who murdered 12 people during a showing of The Dark Knight Rises, had sent a University of Colorado psychiatrist a notebook “full of details about how he was going to kill people.” The notebook had pictures of a stick-figure shooting other stick figures. She got the information, she reported, from “law enforcement sources.” Now, Winter may lose her journalistic freedom. Thanks to a Colorado court ruling stating that Winter’s failure to disclose her sources deprived Holmes of a fair trial by violating a judicial gag order, and a New York court’s agreement, Winter may be forced to disclose the source of the information or face jail time in Colorado. As Judith Miller, a journalist who spent 85 days in jail to protect her sources, writes, “Given the broader assault on journalists and a free and independent press every American should know Jana's name.”