Gibbs: "Wrong Move" For Obama To Say People Could Keep Insurance Staff
Posted: Nov 04, 2013 4:32 PM
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: But do you agree [the president's assurance that people would keep their healthcare plans] was a wrong move? ROBERT GIBBS: Certainly, I don't think anybody dealing with this today finds what was said"”I do think some explanation in terms of the fact that policies that were in place at the point in which the president signed them were grandfathered in for this. Insurance companies have then changed those policies and they're not in the grandfathered set of insurance policies. So, there certainly is some insurance company discussion that has to be had here as to why so many of these policies on the individual market changed so quickly. But again, I do think you will have an understanding"”and this is why the website is so important, and why it has to get fixed sooner rather than later"”and that is, so many people in this individual market will find a better policy at a better price. They can't see that right now because the website is down.

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