Single Mother Faces Tough Decision… Continue Working or Quit and be “Better Off On Public Assistance” Staff
Posted: Oct 21, 2013 9:47 AM
Is this the kind of financial hope Obama and his ilk want to see spread in America? DH is a student on the GI Bill. I work part time in the evenings to avoid paying for childcare and take care of our 4 month old the rest of the time. Health insurance costs just about everything I make so I looked into state healthcare and learned that our family would be financially better off if I quit my job. Between health care and food stamps, we’d have more coming in than my job provides, but with my job we are $200 a month away from qualifying. I’m working because we need the income even though I hate leaving my baby. Is it crazy to quit my job? This might be more of a moral question than a financial question.

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