Actual Huffington Post Headline: '6 Reasons Never To Get Married' Staff
Posted: Oct 21, 2013 4:13 PM
Isn't it fascinating that as liberals push for same-sex marriage many of their ilk are always trying to destroy or defame the very institution itself? Consider author Leah Hager Cohen who actually published a piece at the Huffington Post titled "6 Reasons Never To Get Married": 1. Because not-married doesn't mean all alone. 2. Because love is a mystery…And marriage, by definition, is a contract, plain and simple. 3. Because real security comes from being known for who you are and cared for no matter what. 4. Because you can still have the ring. 5. Because you can break up. 6. Because you can always get married next year. Or the next. Or the year after that.

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