Jezebel: ‘Many’ Told to Save Virginity for Jesus, ‘Married Penis Divine’ Staff
Posted: Oct 09, 2013 3:12 PM
Bravo to Jezebel, the ultra-liberal feminist site, for addressing the ongoing virginity epidemic. When there are reports of girls graduating high school and even entering college without having had sex, only Jezebel’s Laura Beck has had the courage to stand up and scream, “Stop the Madness!” Beck’s latest piece, “New Documentary Explores WTF Is Up With the Virginity Obsession,” publicized a film directed by Therese Shechter about virginity. Beck began her article with a typical Jezebel sneer: “Many of us are taught to hold our virginity close — to tuck it deep inside That Which Is Most Sacred until a modern day Jesus finally proposes and we can finally unclench our vaginal walls and let in the Married Penis Divine.” Women Make Movies recently released the documentary entitled “How to Lose Your Virginity.”