Drafting Error in ObamaCare Will Leave Families Paying Thousands of Dollars More

Townhall.com Staff
Posted: Sep 30, 2013 1:29 PM
A mistake in the drafting of ObamaCare leaves families at risk of paying thousands of dollars more for their health insurance than was heretofore expected. In the Affordable Care Act, the authors wrote that 9.5% of an employee’s household income was the upper limit of what they thought was “affordable.” They thought that if an employer offered health insurance for 9.5% or less of the employee’s income, the employee would not look for subsidized coverage through the ObamaCare exchanges. The problem is that the writing in ObamaCare does not mention the employee’s family. Thus if the employee keeps the employer’s health plan, but the plan does not include the family, the employee would not be able to get subsidized help and would pay thousands of dollars more to cover his/her family.