Mom: 3-Old-Son Severely Burned After Exploding E-cigarette Ignites Car Seat Staff
Posted: Sep 24, 2013 10:43 AM
MOUNT PLEASANT, Utah (KSTU) - A Utah mother claims that her 3-year-old son was badly burned after an e-cigarette exploded, igniting his car seat. Kinzie Barlow told a local TV station she was driving in Provo on Friday with her son, Khonor, when she noticed a strange smell. "Then there was a big bang, and kind of a flash, and there's smoke everywhere," she said. Barlow said her e-cigarette had exploded in its charger, shooting out a white-hot copper coil that bounced off the ceiling and landed in her son's car seat. She says the coil had burned through the fabric cover and melted the hard plastic, sending flames shooting up the little boy's body.