Media Lose Interest in Navy Murders Due to Lack of Anti-Gun Narrative Staff
Posted: Sep 19, 2013 12:08 PM

In Thursday's Washington Post, Paul Farhi laments the fact that the mainstream media has already decided to drop the Navy Yard massacre and focus on other things like the "Hiccup Girl Trial" and Britney Spears. Farhi blames many things, including (naturally) racism, but is not at all interested in exploring the real reason for the indifference of his media colleagues: The fact is that the media is never interested in stories that don't offer them political upside. Had an AR-15 actually been used in this week's terrible Navy Yard murders, there is no question that the massacre would still be leading the national conversation as the media pushed to ban "assault weapons." Had the shooter bought any one of his weapons at a gun show where no background check was performed, the media would be overdosing on this story with a renewed push to expand background checks. Had the shooter been a white, Christian, Tea Partier, the media would be delivering the news with glassy eyes and their pants around their ankles.

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