Here's The Full UN Report On The 'Unequivocal' Use Of Chemical Weapons In Syria Staff
Posted: Sep 16, 2013 1:18 PM
The United Nations has released its full report detailing an "unequivocal and objective" determination that chemical weapons were used in an Aug. 21 attack that killed hundreds of people in and around the capital of Damascus. U.N. inspectors determined that chemical weapons were used, and that 85% of blood samples tested positive for sarin gas. It was not part of the inspectors' job to determine who was responsible for the attack. Sarin is a nerve toxin whose fatality typically comes from cardiac arrest or suffocation, as overstimulated muscles around the heart and lungs eventually seize and stop working altogether. Just one drop can be fatal. The U.S. previously said that sarin gas was used in the attacks.