ABC, CBS, NBC Skip Conservative Victories in Australia and Norway -- But Find Time for Junk News Mentions Staff
Posted: Sep 13, 2013 2:13 PM
John Fund at National Review has written about three recent elections that show “Liberals In Retreat,” but only one is domestic: the Colorado gun-rights recall. The other two liberal defeats were in Norway and Australia. A quick Nexis search demonstrated that ABC, CBS, and NBC all skipped the conservative victories in Norway and Australia -- but all three found time for news briefs in 2007 when Labor prime minister Kevin Rudd was elected in Australia on an anti-Iraq war platform. Meanwhile, lighter-than-air "Good Morning America" on ABC did find "news" Down Under when it came to trickle-down celebrity updates on Michael Jackson's daughter: ALEX PEREZ, September 2: Katherine Jackson [Michael Jackson's mother] revealing for the first time her granddaughter's secret struggles, confirming in an interview with "60 Minutes Australia" what was once reported as an apparent suicide attempt by Paris Jackson in June was, in fact, real. Australia's Channel 9 made a "donation to the Jackson family charity" for that scoop.
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