Cops: Mom Tased Daughter in the Face for Poor House Cleaning Staff
Posted: Sep 12, 2013 12:24 PM

ZEPHYRHILLS, FL - Pasco police arrested a woman after she allegedly pulled out a stun gun and discharged it into her daughter's face during an argument about house cleaning. A Pasco County Sheriff's report details what could only be called a Rockwellian slice of Americana. According to the report, Cynthia Alexander (pictured above) had fundamental differences with her daughter, Stephanie Thompson, over how their mobile home should be cleaned. But when art is questioned, passions can flare, and according to Thompson, that's exactly what happened: the argument turned physical and her mother began punching and pushing her. And then, according to authorities, Alexander unholstered a stun gun, pointed and discharged it directly into her own daughter's face.