Pink Slime Part II: MSNBC Uses Bogus Picture to Bash Beef Staff
Posted: Sep 11, 2013 4:17 PM
Apparently the burden of proof rests with MSNBC’s viewers to notice when the cable channel post incorrect photos. MSNBC’s “News Nation” hyped a Politico hit job of the beef industry on Sept. 10 – but there was a problem with a picture they used to illustrate the “grossness” of lean finely textured beef, which they continued to smear as “pink slime.” MSNBC host and NBC national correspondent Tamron Hall also called the beef a “controversial meat product” during the segment. (video after break) One picture shown as “pink slime” was not lean finely textured beef, according to Beef Products, Inc. (BPI). BPI’s website states that “nobody is for sure what it is and where it came from.” They noted that the image has also been used in campaigns against chicken nuggets and mechanically separated chicken. The MRC’s Business and Media Institute has contacted MSNBC about this issue, and awaits a response.