Do liberals hate analogies? Or do they just hate conservatives? Staff
Posted: Sep 11, 2013 1:58 PM
Liberal New York Times blogger Paul Krugman doesn't read conservatives, because conservatives are, ipso facto, hacks and unwonkish. He makes that clear repeatedly. He also has many smart, younger, liberal followers. Matt O'Brien at The Atlantic, for instance, concurs with Krugman's silly "Wonk Gap" thesis, citing as a prime example that the Heritage Foundation made an analogy between the federal budget and a family budget. The analogy doesn't work perfectly, because, well, no analogies work perfectly. They always have limits. In this case, the most important differences are (1) the federal government can raise tax rates through an act of Congress, while I can't raise my income similarly, (2) the federal government can print its own money, (3) If you cut spending, you don't singlehandedly slow down the economy around you.