MSNBC’s Wagner: Fetal Pain Argument About Taking Away Women’s Rights Staff
Posted: Sep 10, 2013 4:14 PM
Another MSNBC host, another rote regurgitation of liberal conventional wisdom. This time, it was Alex Wagner, announcing that arguments about fetal pain have nothing to do with the protection of the most vulnerable. Instead, they’re all about making it “harder and harder and harder” for women. MSNBC host Alex Wagner introduced the segment on the “pseudo science” of fetal pain at 20 weeks on August 14 during “NOW with Alex Wagner,” and voiced anger at laws (such as in Texas) based on the “theory.” Wagner clarified, “We know that this isn’t really of course about fetal pain. It isn’t really even about, I mean, I would say, the protection of life. It’s about a concerted effort to roll back reproductive rights and make it harder and harder and harder for women to exercise control over their own bodies