Fox Sports football announcer fired over 2011 remarks on homosexuality Staff
Posted: Sep 10, 2013 9:18 AM
Thou shalt not refer to homosexuality as “a choice” – at least not if you ever want to work for Fox Sports. That’s the lesson announcer Craig James learned this week when he was fired from his job covering college football after just one appearance, because of remarks he made on the campaign trail during his unsuccessful run for U.S. Senate back in 2011. During a Republican primary debate for the Texas nomination, James criticized one of his opponents, former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert, for marching in gay pride parades, saying, “I think right now in this country, our moral fiber is sliding down a slope that is going to be hard to stop if we don’t stand up with leaders who don’t go ride in gay parades. I can assure you I will never ride in a gay parade. And I hear what you’re saying, Tom, but leaders - our kids out there, people need to see examples.”