How Vladimir Putin Became The Chuck Norris Of International Politics Staff
Posted: Sep 09, 2013 12:44 PM

Vladimir Putin g20

Russian President Vladimir Putin earned a new distinction last month, when conservative U.S. blogger Matt Drudge branded him the "leader of the free world." Drudge's support of Putin may seem odd (just last year he was angry with Obama for calling Putin after the Russian was re-elected president), but Drudge doesn't seem to be alone in his newfound high opinion of the Russian leader. When Business Insider posted a photograph of Obama's G20 "death glare" to Putin on Facebook, the comments were overwhelmingly pro-Putin. "The back of Putin's head is more intimidating than Obama's 'death stare,'" one user wrote. Other less visceral, yet still positive, opinions about Putin can be found at places like Foreign Affairs journal and The New York Times' op-ed page. The simple explanation for Putin's popularity is his opposition to military intervention in Syria, which puts him in the same camp as most Americans. But Putin himself appears to be gaining an international following, as people buy into his persona as a tough and clever underdog hero. In respect to a recent meme, you might even call him the Chuck Norris of international politics.