What is quercetin?

Posted: Jan 18, 2015 5:31 PM
Quercetin is an antioxidant flavonoid found in citrus fruits, apples, onions, parsley, sage, tea, and red wine. Like many antioxidants, quercetin can help slow the effects of aging by defeating the free radicals that damage your cells and your DNA.

What are the health benefits of quercetin supplements?

Quercetin also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and has also been shown to help prevent the release of histamines in the body. Histamines are responsible for the uncomfortable symptoms of allergic reactions…that means quercetin can help reduce the occurrence of allergy-related runny nose, sneezing, and watery, itching eyes, etc.

What are the side effects of quercetin supplements?

There is no well-studied “ideal” daily intake of quercetin, and it is generally regarded as safe, however extremely high doses (more than one gram per day) may cause kidney damage.