Victor Davis Hanson

Victor Davis Hanson
Politicizing COVID-19 from the Start
By Victor Davis Hanson
From the moment COVID-19 appeared, the pandemic became inseparable from politics.Political frenzy was inevitable since the SARS-CoV-2 virus may have ...
January 13, 2022
Who Are the Real Insurrectionists?
By Victor Davis Hanson
Recently, Democrats have been despondent over President Joe Biden's sinking poll numbers. His policies on the economy, energy, foreign policy, ...
January 06, 2022
The Ungracious - and Their Demonization of the Past
By Victor Davis Hanson
The last two years have seen an unprecedented escalation in a decades-long war on the American past. But there are ...
December 30, 2021
Why Is the Left Suddenly Worried About the End of Democracy?
By Victor Davis Hanson
What is behind recent pessimistic appraisals of democracy's future, from Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Brian Williams and other elite intellectuals, ...
December 16, 2021
Third Worldizing America
By Victor Davis Hanson
In a recent online exchange, YouTuber Casey Neistat posted his fury after his car was broken into and the contents ...
December 02, 2021
Losing Confidence in the Pillars of Our Civilization
By Victor Davis Hanson
Millions of citizens long ago concluded that professional sports, academia, and entertainment were no longer disinterested institutions, but far Left ...
November 24, 2021
Can the FBI Be Salvaged?
By Victor Davis Hanson
The Washington, D.C.-based Federal Bureau of Investigation has lost all credibility as a disinterested investigatory agency. Now we learn from ...
November 18, 2021
History Will Grind Out the Truth
By Victor Davis Hanson
"History will figure that out on its own." That is what Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) recently replied to Dr. Anthony ...
November 13, 2021
The Ignoble Lie
By Victor Davis Hanson
In a controversial passage in Plato's "Republic," Socrates introduced the idea of the "noble lie" ("gennaios pseudos").A majestic fiction, he ...
October 28, 2021
Is America Becoming Rome Versus Byzantium?
By Victor Davis Hanson
In A.D. 286 the Roman emperor Diocletian split in half the huge Roman Empire administratively – and peacefully – under ...
October 14, 2021
America and 'The Dying Citizen'
By Victor Davis Hanson
Only a little more than half of the current world's 7 billion people are citizens of fully consensual governments.That lucky ...
October 07, 2021
Orwell and the Woke
By Victor Davis Hanson
Epigraph: "Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the ...
September 30, 2021
Civilization Requires Deterrence
By Victor Davis Hanson
Deterrence is the ancient ability to scare somebody off from hurting you, your friends or your interests -- without a ...
September 23, 2021
Recall Election Could Reverse the California Ideology
By Victor Davis Hanson
California once was run by conservatives and mostly centrist Democrats.True paleo-liberal governors like Pat Brown greatly expanded the welfare state. ...
September 09, 2021
There's a Problem in the Upper Reaches of Our Military
By Victor Davis Hanson
It is the beginning of a never-ending bad dream. Joe Biden and the Pentagon have managed to birth a new ...
September 02, 2021
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