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Palin was ready to meet with Obama chief of staff

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An aide to then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) recommended she meet the chief of staff to then-Sen. Barack Obama during a visit to Washington, and Palin was "game to meet him."

"When you and the Governor are in Washington. Jerry Reinwand recommends that you hook up with a guy named Pete Rouse," Palin's deputy legislative director Chris Clark wrote in February 2007 to Palin and her chief of staff, Mike Nizich. "Rouse was once chief-of-staff for then-Lieutenant Governor Terry Miller. He's now chlef?of-staff [sic] for a guy named Barack Obama."

"I'm game to meet him," Palin wrote back.

Rouse is now a counselor to President Obama and was his interim chief of staff after Rahm Emanuel resigned from the job to run for mayor of Chicago.

The February email is part of a larger document dump of more than 24,000 emails from Palin's term as governor that was released by the state of Alaska on Friday.

A number of news organizations had been trying to get access to the documents since 2008 but have been unable to read them until today.

Several of the news organizations are posting the documents online.


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