Europe to the barricades

Posted: Nov 24, 2004 12:00 AM

 This Christmastime could be the moment when Western Europe finally joins our war on terrorism. Anti-Islamist fear and anger from the mouths of the European volk are breaking through the surface calm perpetuated by the elite European appeasers. The assassination and mutilation of Dutch filmmaker van Gogh by an Islamic fanatic -- and the retaliatory fire-bombings of mosques by ethnic Dutchmen -- has forced high European leaders and news outlets to begin to publicly face up to the implications of Sept. 11, 2001 and the migration of Muslims in large and hostile numbers into the heart of Europe.
From Holland's leading newspaper, the Telegraaf, to Germany's liberal Berliner Zeitung and Der Spiegel (roughly, the European equivalents of the The New York Times, The Washington Post and Time magazine) has come the same heated prose that could be found in the United States in the aftermath of September 11. And here in the United States, even the liberal National Public Radio Network's (NPR) "All Things Considered" is beginning to seriously report European volkish fury the way they usually report breathlessly on the latest developments in Brazilian rainforest depletion.

 Der Spiegel wrote: "The veil of multiculturalism has been lifted, revealing parallel societies where the law of the state does not apply." The Berliner Zeitung headlined their story: "Fear is spreading." In Holland, the very dignified Telegraaf wrote: " ... magazines and papers which include incitements should be suppressed, unsuitable mosques should be shut down and imams who encourage illegal acts should be thrown out of the country."

 Earlier this week, NPR's "All Things Considered" reported on the findings of German television's ZDF TV after they had secretly placed a camera inside a German Islamic mosque. The Imam is heard saying (in translation): "Those Germans, those atheists, they don't shave their armpits. Their sweat spreads evil smells. They stink. They are atheists. What good do they do to us? And since they are unbelievers, in the afterlife, they can only burn in hell." Obviously, this did not go down well when the German public saw and heard such things.

 Later in the NPR report they quote from other communications by German Islamics now being revealed to the German public. A teacher at the Riksdorfer Elementary School -- a German government school that under German court ruling three years ago must teach its mostly Muslim students Muslim curriculum -- read an anonymous letter he received: "Germany is an Islamic country. Islam is in the home, in schools. Germans will be outnumbered. We [Muslims] will say what we want. We'll live how we want. It's outrageous that Germans demand we speak their language. Our children will have our language, our laws, our culture."

 It is just such inflammatory events that led Der Spiegel this week to report that "A debate on the integration of Muslims is raging in Germany." The article went on to report that: "Computer keyboards across the country are smoking as editorialists pontificate on the pros and cons of multiculturalism ... It is heated and on the verge of becoming poisoned."

 Heating the German national broth is the re-emergence of a call for German "Leitkultur," the term for the dominant and guiding culture. Der Speigel quotes Christian Democratic leader Joerg Schoenbohm: "In the Middle Ages, ghettos were founded to marginalize the Jews. Today, some of the foreigners who live with us in Germany have founded their own ghettos because they scorn us Germans. Those who come here have to adopt the German Leitkultur. Our history has developed over a thousand years. We cannot allow that this basis of our commonality be destroyed by foreigners."

 Edmund Stoibel, the Bavarian Christian Social Union's candidate for chancellor two years ago said: "We have to defend the Christian tradition of our country." Even the Social Democrat Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Shroeder, called for banning headscarves for schoolteachers in German public schools.

 Meanwhile, the green/animal rights left of the European spectrum has started demonstrating against the Islamic Eid Al-Adha, or Feast of Sacrifice, because it requires the throat slitting of rams and lambs. Italian police in the town of Luino recently had to break up the left-wing demonstrators as they confronted angry Muslim celebrants who were chanting "Allah u Akhbar" in front of the Luino slaughterhouse.

 In a recent article, Chuck Colson quotes Bassam Tibi, a moderate Muslim leader in Germany: "Either Islam gets Europeanized or Europe gets Islamized." The Speaker of the Dutch Parliament, Jozias van Aartsen, proclaimed two weeks ago that "The jihad has come to the Netherlands," while at a memorial to van Gogh a Dutch schoolteacher said that; "This is not just a small event. It's part of the World Trade Center and Madrid. We must see this."

 Yes, through the blinding smoke of Iraq and through the endless fuming of M. Chirac, the common people -- the timeless volk -- of Europe are beginning to see their true enemy -- radical Islam. The will to survive and prevail is not yet spent in the hearts of our European cousins. They are late to the battle that is now raging. But they are not too late. The second great anti-fascist Euro-American alliance is now beginning to form on the foundation of our two common democratic peoples. Their spineless governments will follow and will soon be run by fighting leaders uplifted from the ranks.