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I never thought I would write the following words, but America owes a huge debt of gratitude to Mitch McConnell. The GOP leader in the Senate used rare parliamentary procedures in 2016 to keep a Supreme Court vacancy open until the voters selected our next President…who thankfully turned out to be Donald J. Trump. (And McConnell point-blank told Barack Obama—who had nominated a so-called “moderate” federal judge named Merrick Garland—that the Senate would not be confirming that selection.)

So Merrick Garland never made it onto the U.S. Supreme Court…  something for which we should all thank the Lord on a daily basis. Especially given Garland’s nutty action this week essentially branding parents of school-age children as “terrorists” for voicing curriculum concerns to their local school board members (a/k/a fraidy-cat  snowflakes.)

Elevated by Joe Biden (or more likely his behind the scenes handlers) from washed-up Supreme Court nominee to Attorney General of the United States, Garland just issued a memorandum to FBI agents and law enforcement personnel nationwide to get ready for coordinated efforts to “address the rise of criminal conduct directed toward school personnel.”

Oooh..soundsreally scary, doesn’t it? Except the “criminal conduct” to which Garland refers is not the burning down of American cities by riotous mobs of Antifa or BLM miscreants. And it isn’t the rampaging gangs of hooligans who shoot a minimum of 50 people every weekend in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago.  It isn’t even the hundreds of thousands of illegals whom the impotent Biden Administration has allowed to sashay across our disgracefully porous southern border of the United States. News flash: most intelligent Americans are not comforted by assurances from White House Prevaricator Secretary Jen Psaki that the illegals “do not intend to stay very long.” (Man, I’d love to see the Rorschach tests on that lady…)

No, the potential “terrorists” causing Merrick Garland’s imaginary rise in criminal conduct are the aforementioned parents who are attending school board meetings in ever increasing numbers to demand that vile fiction like Critical Race Theory be removed from America’s public school classrooms. (Oddly, when I was in public school I distinctly recall being sent home with notes generated by our school principal asking—no, imploring—parents to become more involved in our please join the PTA..and to volunteer as teacher’s aides.) But in the woke Biden fantasyland of 2021, parents airing their concerns before school boards are “intimidating” and “threatening.”

For example, in Loudon County, Virginia—Ground Zero of the vast criminal conspiracy of parents that is making Merrick Garland wet his pants—it is becoming “the new normal” (btw, I despise that phrase) to have school board members lock parents out of public meetings. Or cut off their microphones. Or refuse to let them address garbage like Critical Race Theory poisoning the minds of school children unless a parent adjusts his or her facemask the way board members demand.

I got to wondering: since there’s actual danger in forcing school children to be instructed that America is a horrible place built by racist slave owners and violent, minority-lynching  KKK members, why would hard-working parents and even students themselves wanting to stop CRT be any cause for concern by a “moderate” like Merrick Garland?

But then I happened to flip onTucker Carlson Tonight on FOX, and voila: Tucker revealed that Merrick Garland’s daughter is married to the co-founder of Panorama Education, an “education services” company which—knock me over with a piece of limp lettuce from a salad bar at Golden Corral—sells materials promoting Critical Race Theory to school districts nationwide. So to quote Jen Psaki a second time, let’s “circle back” to Merrick Garland’s hysterical memo calling for (quote) a partnership among Federal, State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Law Enforcement to address threats against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff. (I guess he threw in “staff” at the end in the unlikely event a janitor or a cafeteria worker is also “harassed” about CRT by angry criminal parents.)

Turns out the actual subject of his memo should read: “Need a partnership of Federal, State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Law Enforcement to Flip a Coin and decide which agency gets to indict me for ham-handedly using the Justice Department for unconstitutionally intimidating parents who are  trying to stop dumbbells on school boards from lining my son-in-law’s pockets by buying his company’s Critical Race Theory materials.”

I admit that’s a tad long for a Subject line in a memo, but at least mine is accurate. And I’m not being a dishonest weasel like the Attorney General of the United States.

Kristen Waggoner, general counsel for Christian nonprofit legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom, has called on Merrick Garland to rescind his absurd (my word) memo, advising him in a letter that “parents want school boards to remove politics from the classroom and get back to academics.” She adds: “They have the right to express their concerns to elected officials…and shouldn’t live in fear of government for doing so.

Former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett (who—unlike  Garland—was confirmed three times by the U.S. Senate) has also launched a major new project for students and parents to fight politicization in school classrooms.

I’m no Vegas oddsmaker, but I’ll put my money on solid Americans like Bill Bennett, Kristen Waggoner and all those “terrorist” parents to win in the end.  A pipsqueak grifter like Merrick Garland cannot withstand the righteous might of Americans uniting to save our schoolchildren… no matter how many whiney school board members are trembling behind piles of CRT books his son-in-law convinced them to buy.

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