Tim Chapman

Tim Chapman
Memo to Republicans: America’s Future Is On the Line
By Tim Chapman
It’s only going to get worse. The Democrats’ $1.9 trillion “stimulus” package has paved the way for a ballooning national ...
April 01, 2021
Don’t Believe the Unity Hype; Democrats Are Coming for the Filibuster
By Tim Chapman
For more than a year, conservatives have warned that Democrats would do anything necessary to advance their extreme agenda if ...
February 24, 2021
No Christmas for big spenders
December 08, 2006 |
Who will lead the minority to the majority?
By Tim Chapman
On Friday morning House Republicans will hold a meeting to elect leaders who will lead them in the minority for ...
November 16, 2006
It's no joke
By Tim Chapman
You have to hand it to John Kerry. It takes a lot of bravado to -- whether intentionally or not ...
November 03, 2006
Half right is still half wrong
By Tim Chapman
Most observers probably missed it, but President Bush and the Republicans in Congress scored a significant victory this week. The ...
October 13, 2006
The return of the Gang of 14
By Tim Chapman
The much vaunted Senate “Gang of 14” gained notoriety earlier this year when they combined forces to prevent the Senate ...
September 22, 2006
Score one for the Porkbusters
By Tim Chapman
George Washington thought the Senate should be the “cooling saucer” in which legislation is tempered and slowed. It certainly went ...
September 01, 2006
Not your father’s Democratic Party
By Tim Chapman
Six years ago Joe Lieberman was the darling of the Democratic Party. In a salute to the Connecticut senator’s character, ...
August 10, 2006
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