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The middle-class citizens of America who are trapped in Biden’s America ought to be mad as hell right now. The rate of inflation is starting to come down, but the impact of months of high inflation has taken a toll on far too many Americans. Those locked in the middle class have seen their real buying power shrink. Increases in salary have not kept up with the rising cost of essentials like food and fuel for their cars. 


A critical election is coming up in November of 2024, but if polls are right, more and more are dissatisfied by the Biden administration’s performance. Middle America has the power to impact the future. You are the biggest voting bloc because you are the majority in the middle of the curve. The poor and illegal immigrants are getting special treatment, and the rich and big businesses are doing just fine. Out of your frustration comes the opportunity for true change.

Instead of waiting for the candidates to be selected, it’s time for you to help shape the campaign issues candidates will want to support. Tell the GOP, that if they want your vote, they better create a Contract with America that puts citizens first. Here are some demands worth including:

Secure the Border and Stop Treating Illegal Immigrants Better than Citizens: End the madness at the border. Finish the wall and stop transporting those who cross to cities who have had enough of being a “sanctuary” for people who have come here illegally. Stop using our tax dollars to give illegal aliens housing and government support. Give them a ticket back to where they came from or let them support themselves. It’s time to put the focus on supporting the citizens of this country who are being forced to live paycheck to paycheck.  


Stop Throwing Our Tax Money at Inefficient and Unnecessary Alternative Energy Pipe Dreams and Return to Energy Independence: America is blessed with rich reserves of oil and coal. They have the technology to make safe and clean nuclear energy available. If alternative energy can work, let those sources compete on a level playing field with other established and reliable energy sources. It’s time for an “all of the above” energy plan that capitalizes on America’s abundance rather than creating an expensive and unreliable scarcity. High energy costs have impacted every part of our economy and helped create the inflation that has hit every family.

Unleash Small Business Growth by Ending Unnecessary Regulations and Taxes: Our economy and jobs have always depended on vibrant small business growth. Stop putting things in the way of entrepreneurs who have been and will be the driver of innovation and America’s hope for a growing economy. Large companies cannot be the answer. Far too many big companies are cutting employees and increasing automation to control costs. Help the “Made in America” label have a comeback by creating incentives for small businesses instead of more regulations and higher taxes. 


Give Us DAs Who Prosecute Criminals and Law Enforcement That Is Empowered to Stop Crime: Americans don’t feel safe in their communities or their homes. Instead of defunding or limiting budgets for police, we want a party that will make law enforcement funding a priority. Promise to get rid of DAs who refuse to prosecute criminals. We need to return to a basic principle that works—"If you do the crime, then you should do the time.” Americans are tired of watching repeat offenders being released into their communities rather than being held accountable. 

We Demand School Choice to Give Power to the Parents: Too many of our public schools are not doing the job. Our children are not learning what they need to learn. Competition at the college level rewards excellence. It’s time for all schools to compete like colleges do—on the basis of results! When schools compete on results, good teachers will get the jobs they deserve. Competition always improves performance. Yes, there are good teachers who deserve our support, but no teacher deserves tenure. They should have to reearn their jobs every year like all Americans are forced to do. Don’t worry! Good teachers will always keep their jobs. To ensure that, it’s time for politicians to let schools have the authority to get rid of teachers that are not doing the job. It’s time we let parents reward excellence instead of complaining about mediocracy.


Put these promises on a Contract with America and give us candidates who will deliver on those promises. Do that, and the GOP’s candidates will win the coming election in a landslide. 

Terry Paulson is PhD psychologist, author, and professional speaker on Earned Optimism, Making Change Work, Claiming Your American Dream, and Becoming a Conservative Values Voter. Contact him at

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