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June 22: Take a Stand for Freedom Over Government Control

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Freedom is not the norm in human history; it is a precious aberration. Drawing on the Judeo-Christian affirmation of the value of each person and man's God-given rights, our Founding Fathers rejected government tyranny and embraced Western democratic principles. They went to war to make us free; they crafted a Constitution to keep us free.

Under the banner of hope, compassion and change, President Barack Obama and supportive Democrat politicians are undermining the very freedoms and free-enterprise foundations that have made America great.

On Independence Day, it’s time to turn up the volume on the opposition. Participate in a July 4th Tea Party in your area (www.teapartypatriots.org) and help send a message that Americans are once again declaring freedom from today’s tax, spend and control politicians. Here’s an open letter to President Obama to help fuel the cause:

The Honorable President Barack Obama:

Using the economic crisis, you rallied Congress to pass your emergency $787 billion stimulus plan to curtail unemployment and stimulate the economy. With unemployment already past your worst projections and headed to 10%, plummeting tax receipts and continued anemic economic growth, it's time to realize that more government spending is not the answer.

Return to the free-enterprise principles that have always unleashed American ingenuity, small business growth and jobs.

Like the other companies "too big to fail," you worked against allowing GM and Chrysler to declare bankruptcy. But when both did, you invested billions of tax-payer dollars to buy a 60% stake in a smaller GM committed to selling lightweight, "green," fuel-efficient cars that few Americans want. If we buy a Ford, Honda or Toyota, will we get incentives and government-backed warranties? Will you call us un-American for not buying your "government" cars?

You keep saying you don't want to run GM, but your administration has no trouble in taking unprecedented control in firing CEO's, limiting executive compensation and micromanaging their business. Instead of risking more of our money in losing businesses, let capitalism work. Allow companies to succeed and fail on whether they meet the needs of customers…not government!

If throwing good money after bad in a losing automobile company isn't bad enough, you’ve run roughshod over 100 years of settled bankruptcy law to give favorable treatment to one of your biggest donors—the United Auto Workers. You shamed secured creditors for demanding their fair share of the new company and then forced a favorable settlement giving more control to the same workers whose expensive salaries and benefits helped take GM down!

You say you want to create and save jobs, but you supported closing over two thousands Chrysler and GM dealers eliminating an estimated 187,000 dealer jobs. When government runs roughshod over the property rights of some companies, the rest wonder if they're next! Stop picking the winners and losers! We don't want political payoffs at our expense!

You proudly announced that the FDA would take control over tobacco. But every time the government regulates any personal choice, individual liberty and responsibility are diminished and more well-paid government employees are hired to control our lives.

In today's America, a homeless family will get a ticket for putting up a tent in a park or for parking a camper in a parking lot. You can’t sleep overnight at the beach because you're endangering some snail darter! You can’t even go into the wilderness because you don’t have a wilderness permit.

Liberal care translates into more control over our lives and fewer freedoms. Now, you want to regulate and control our healthcare system and our energy use. Give us the freedom to take responsibility for our own lives—not more government regulations and controls!

Under your leadership, Democrats are boldly bragging about being the party of income redistribution. By force of law, you take more money from some Americans to give direct cash transfers to others who didn't earn it. Our Founding Fathers didn't pay the price for our freedom to establish unequal, unfair taxation. End the tax tyranny and favoritism and give us a fair tax that applies equally to all Americans!

The rapidly growing deficit puts more than freedom at stake. Americans don't want their children and grandchildren saddled with your debt. Herbert Hoover warned, "Blessed are the young for they shall inherit the national debt!" That isn't a blessing; it's a curse!

You may not have watched the coverage of the tax day tea parties, but, on July 4th, pay attention to the growing number of Americans taking a stand against your "caring" despotism and government dependence unleashed in the name of hope and change. Don't pick our cars, our energy sources or our doctors.

Benjamin Franklin warned, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Give us liberty, not government control and dependence!

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