Tarren Bragdon

Tarren Bragdon
Money for Local Elections Should Come From the Local Government, Not a Billionaire Corporate Figurehead
By Tarren Bragdon
Democrats often like to talk about getting corporate money out of politics. Several candidates have even made it part of ...
June 11, 2021
Now Is Not the Time to Bail Out States and Increase Dependency
By Tarren Bragdon
As Congress negotiates another coronavirus relief package, some are considering sending billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out state and ...
December 17, 2020
Gov. DeSantis Protects Health and a Healthy Economy
By Tarren Bragdon
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is winning the COVID marathon and helping build a strong Florida in the process. For months ...
September 03, 2020
Preparing for a Rainy Year: How Nebraska was Prepared for COVID-19
By Tarren Bragdon
For most Americans, COVID-19 and the economic aftermath was a huge shock. Our economy was booming, unemployment was at historic ...
July 14, 2020
Reopening America Is the Only Bailout States Need
By Tarren Bragdon
Americans are weary and worried. They are fatigued and stressed by lockdowns, by local businesses staying closed for so long, ...
June 05, 2020
South Dakota Entered the COVID-19 Crisis on Solid Ground
By Tarren Bragdon
In the past several weeks, Gov. Kristi Noem has shown an extraordinary ability to walk and chew gum at the ...
June 02, 2020
Mr. Obama, tear up your plan!
By Tarren Bragdon
The president is ready for another close up. Last week, not only did he offer his much-awaited health care ...
March 05, 2010
Senate Finance Committee: Skating on Potomac River Ice in Middle of a "Snowe" Storm
By Tarren Bragdon
It never ceases to amaze me how the busiest woman in Washington remains so accessible. Just this week alone, ...
September 24, 2009
Memo to White House: Snowe is Not in the Forecast
By Tarren Bragdon
The email dings started around 10:00 pm, and continued throughout the night as folks throughout Maine sent me the latest report ...
September 08, 2009
The "Public Plan" Exists and It Doesn't Work
By Tarren Bragdon
What’s new in Washington, D.C. is old news in Maine. While Congress debates the merits of government-run plan as ...
July 23, 2009
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